Eric Terashima

Eric Terashima

Democratic Candidate for North Carolina Democratic Party Chair


It is time for fresh ideas to improve the Democratic Party!

I have the experience to strengthen our organization in North Carolina’s 100 counties. With your support, we can make a top-down, inefficient state party a winner, guided by the principles and convictions of Democrats statewide.



“I served in the United States Marines for 30 years and would like to
serve the Democrats of North Carolina Democratic Party as your Chair.”
> North Carolina Democrats were optimistic about the midterms, but suffered disappointing results. The consensus: we must organize more quickly, leave no legislative races uncontested, and turn out our base more effectively.    
> During my 30-year Marine career, I developed a unique skill set — refining bureaucracies to make organizations efficient and effective. As a Colonel, I provided leadership during eight combat tours, working with folks from around the world to problem solve while dealing with inherent cultural barriers. I led with honor, courage, and commitment to those under my command.  
I served two years as Brunswick County Democratic Party Chair and was a candidate for the NC House. My county and campaign outperformed statewide trends.


I come from a modest family background, born and raised in California.  I lived most of my adult life in North Carolina starting in 1992 having been stationed here for 16 years. My children were raised here.  This is their home state, and I want to do my part to make it the best that it can be.

In 1991, I earned a bachelors degree in Psychology from Notre Dame while on a Naval ROTC scholarship. At the Marine Corps War College in 2013, I earned a Master of Strategic Studies degree focusing on strategy, geopolitics, foreign policy, and history.

After 30 years of commissioned service in the Marines, including 26 years on active duty, I retired last year as a Colonel. Ive lived in Brunswick County since 2010, having met my wife, a local, on a previous tour at Camp Lejeune.

Current Activities

“I have been heavily involved with Brunswick County’s Habitat for Humanity, my American Legion, and the Veterans of Foreign Wars Posts in Leland. My association with these non-partisan organizations is not indicative of their political endorsement.

In the Summer of 2020, I became deeply involved with multiple non-profit efforts to help Afghan refugees settle in the United States. It is hard to express the devotion and gratitude I feel for the Afghan interpreters I worked with during my tours in their country. They have been the focus of my undertaking.

In addition, since 2021, I have been the Chair of the Brunswick County Democratic Party.”



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Meet Eric Terashima – candidate for NCDP Chair

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FRESH IDEAS to improve the Democratic Party:

Communications: Lack of easy and smooth internal communications is why this party is dysfunctional. We cannot expect to effectively communicate with the voters when we cannot efficiently communicate among ourselves.

Enthusiasm: We need to generate enthusiasm to get out the vote.

Leadership: Good leadership listens and strives to improve the efforts of those being led. I have led organizations numbering in the thousands with hundreds of millions of dollars in equipment. I am the right person to make the necessary changes to NCDP.